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Our guest artists cycle through the gallery on a temporary basis. 

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Guest Artist Elizabeth Wilson is a representational painter based in Philadelphia and graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Her work has been described as small gems, luminous, and having a quiet energy. Primarily a painter of landscape, she is also known for her figurative work. Her series of gouache landscape paintings began serendipitously in England in the mid 1990s, transforming her work and vision over the next decades. Her work is largely inspired by travel though she has created a large body of work inspired by her hometown of Philadelphia and surrounding communities.  She works from a combination of direct observation, memory, visual reference and imagination. Her work embodies a strong sense of time, place and visual harmony.  She has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums throughout the United States and her work is held in numerous private and public collections. Museum collections include the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania State Museum and Woodmere Art Museum.  More extensive biographical information and images of her work can be found at:

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Producing images is both my passion and my profession. I venture into the world understanding how a specific lens perceives, open to those moments when subject, lighting, and perspective converge in a way that captivates me.


The images currently displayed at Art on Bridge were all captured using a camera adapted to capture both infrared light and the light we typically see. Seeing the world this way provides a glimpse into a different reality.


The frames are handmade of Pennsylvania Cherry wood. The images are printed using archival ink and paper.  The glass is conservation, UV filtered, Tru Vue glass.

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A native of Pennsylvania, Neil Dreibelbis is a multi-discipline artist whose work is in private and corporate collections throughout the United States. He is also a former art educator with an extensive background in the visual and performing arts.

"My work is motivated by the life experiences I encounter through a close observation of man and nature, and by a curiosity and need for constant discovery. My work is based on emotions and feelings, personal reactions to experiences. It is not only an attempt at self-expression, but also a reaction to the radical changes I see occurring in our culture. My art is constantly evolving in its outlook and representation. In response to the rapid changes in technology, I find my art to be a counterbalance to what I see happening around me."

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